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  Ironsides Rugby supports and encourages tours in all the age groups both incoming and outgoing. Tours increase bonding within the team and offer invaluable insight into the ethos of rugby, be it on national or international scale.

There are, however, a fair few requirements all sections must abide by:
  1. All tours must conform to RFU guidelines, (
  2. All playing tourists must be paid-up members. NB, this is essential as insurance will NOT cover non-members
  3. A Tour Manager should be appointed
  4. Full Travel and Sports injury insurance is mandatory (the RFU recommends Marsh Insurance, which covers this ( Insurance should be applied for at least 6 weeks in advance as the RFU Permission to Tour Form requires the policy number (see below). If touring in Home Nations, sports injury is covered by the RFU, provided we adhere to the guidelines.
  5. Every Tour must be self-funding. The section treasurer can help advance funds once the he has seen and approved the budget.
  6. Tours must be as inclusive as possible, regardless of players’ financial situation.
  7. If playing contact rugby, both incoming and outgoing tours in UK must occur during the season (Sep – Apr) and overseas must be in the host nation’s respective season
  8. Tour plans must be approved by the section committee (seniors) or Tour coordinator (juniors)
  9. Sponsorship can be organized by any section or age group with the monies being used solely for that section/age group for reducing the tour costs
  10. Ironsides Rugby has a standardized Club Tour kit, which is organized through our Kit Coordinator, at cost. Sponsors logos, team names and dates can be added onto the kit. A minimum of six weeks notice is required to produce shirts and other kit.
  11. A medical form must be filled by any player (senior) or parents (junior). This is to alert the Tour Manager/First Aider of any pre-existing conditions and their approval to medical treatment being provided to them in case of emergency. See Appendix 1
  12. At least one RFU Qualified First Aider must be on tour and present at all training and fixtures. The nominated First Aider should take a First Aid kit and complete accident reports, if necessary, as per Club’s Policy
  13. A full list of all players contact details must be provided prior to the departure and held by the tour manager during the Tour. A copy must be given to the Tour Coordinator in case of emergency.
  14. If organizing a tour in Europe, an EHIC card is mandatory for each participant. These should be arranged by the player (senior) or the player’s family (juniors) at least 3 weeks before the Tour
  15. A tour report must be submitted to the Tour Coordinator upon the return. For overseas tours, an RFU Tour Report form should be completed and returned to the Tournaments and Competition Department at the RFU
  16. If touring outside England (not UK), RFU permission is required. The RFU Notification of Proposed Overseas Tour must be completed and signed off by the Club Secretary, Chairman or President at least 4 weeks before the Tour. The Form should be sent to Trevor Sokell, Surrey rugby, Dorset House, Regent Park, 297 Kingston Road, Leatherhead Surrey KT 22 (Tel 01372 824201). Allow at least 6 weeks to get permission.
  17. For incoming Tours, please ensure you have applied to receive the Tour from the RFU, booked the pitches, the referee and the clubhouse for hosting the team(s) after the fixture. It is customary to provide visitors with hospitality and the Club will cover the costs for the visitors’ meal
  18. All members including coaches/managers/parents and players must abide by the Code of Rugby whilst on tour and adults have a responsibility to act as role models whilst representing the Club
Additional Requirements for Juniors:
  1. All parents performing supervisory activities (coaching, transporting children...) must hold an RFU enhanced CRB
  2. At least one coach must be registered to RFU Level 1 or beyond
  3. Tour plans must be approved by the Tour Coordinator at least 6 weeks before the tour departs, having considered safeguarding issues and ensuring tour dates do not clash with existing features. Ideally the team should nominate one person to oversee and advise on safeguarding issues
  4. Parents and siblings should be encouraged to attend
  5. Unaccompanied children are permitted on tours, providing a nominated guardian has been appointed by their parent. A formal letter must be written and copies given to the Tour Manager and the nominated guardian
  6. Tour Shirts should be worn with pride on tour, however, we ask that these are not worn for matches and festivals outside of the Tour.  Whilst they can be worn for casual wear and informal training, the preference is that Club Shirts are worn outside of Tours
Further Info :

We have established links with Clubs, both nationally and internationally :
  1. Sporting Club Surgèrien, based near La Rochelle, France
  2. Gent Rugby Club, Belgium
  3. Etton Leur Rugby Club, Holland
  4. Morristons RFC, Wales
  5. Kinsale Rugby Club, Ireland.
Please ask the Tour Coordinator for contact details. We hope by 2012 at least one age group hosts/travel to one of our preferred Rugby Club partners.

BIRFC has used Jeakins Travel for coach hire in the past. Contact is 08451 284 134 or David Jeakins on 07866 813 938 (Quote BIRFC for discounted rates)

RFU Overseas Tour Form :

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