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The Ironsides Junior Rugby Coaching Philosophy


Ironsides Junior Rugby’s goals are:

  • To provide an integrated player development pathway for all player abilities fromgrassroots rugby through to all RFU levels supported by qualified coaches, referees andother volunteers.
  • To build on our varied opportunities for enjoying Rugby Union, both on and off the field,for all ages, active and non-active members, and for all abilities.
  • To welcome and respect all ages, abilities, ethnicities and genders and to protect allfrom unnecessary harm.
  • To foster links with multiple community-based organisations and be recognised withinour region as a centre of excellence for Rugby Union and a great place to play the game.
  • To invest in our people and facilities so as to create a Club with the culture, ethos,performance, organisation and facilities that every member can feel proud of.

We want our players to appreciate the key values of the sport, as set out in the RFU Code of Rugby:

  • Play to win, but not at all costs
  • Win with dignity, lose with grace
  • Observe the laws and regulations of the game
  • Respect opponents, referees and all participants
  • Reject cheating, racism, violence and drugs
  • Value volunteers and paid officials alike
  • Enjoy the game

To these ends we have developed a coaching philosophy for Mini and Youth rugby that states:

Ironsides Junior Rugby is inclusive; every child of any ability should have the opportunity to play and learn the game. The emphasis is on making the game fun to play and a joy to learn within a safe environment, so that the player develops a love for the game and the confidence to play with freedom and creativity. We coach through games not drills; we treat each child as an individual, providing the appropriate challenge, praise and feedback; we give every player the chance to succeed; we remember that Safety, Enjoyment and Teamwork are more important than winning.


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