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RFU Safeguarding Children Policy


Rugby union is a fantastic sport for youngsters, building their confidence and character and introducing them to values that will help them in rugby and throughout life.

Every one of the young people involved in our sport is important to us. We take our responsibility for their welfare and wellbeing very seriously and want the rugby environment to be a safe and happy one.

The core values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship are important both for children in rugby and all the adults they meet, who we hope will serve as role models providing a positive experience.

Safeguarding children is of paramount importance and involves promoting children’s welfare in every way. It means protecting them from abuse and neglect but also ensuring their appropriate development and maximising their opportunities. Safeguarding is about creating child-centred rugby and all that we do to prevent problems arising.

We rely on our many volunteers who give up their time to organise mini and youth rugby and aim to provide the highest standards of care for children in a safe and enjoyable environment. If you are a player, coach, parent, volunteer or teacher, this safeguarding policy exists to help you to protect our children from harm and to provide a positive experience for them.

The RFU has robust safeguarding procedures and acts swiftly in cases of possible abuse, working with multiple-agencies to deliver integrated support to children and families.

This policy, its guidance and procedures are aimed at empowering children and young people. The policy provides information about abuse, identifying problems, and guidance and procedures for use by everyone involved in delivering rugby union nationwide.

The RFU provides support for clubs, helping them to make safer recruitment decisions and providing systems for dealing with allegations or concerns. We have excellent training programmes for everyone working with young players, as well as effective systems for working with other relevant agencies.

With your help we will remain at the forefront of protecting young people in sport.

Andy Coslett

RFU Chairman

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