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First Aid

  1. Statement

Battersea Ironsides Rugby Football Club Ltd (BIRFC) recognises its responsibility towards the health and safety of its members. BIRFC will endeavor to provide a safe environment in which rugby can be enjoyed by all and will ensure arrangements are in place to ensure participants and spectators receive appropriate immediate first aid attention with appropriate first aid resources.

This policy supports RFU Regulation 9.2 and the RFU “Guidance on First Aid and Immediate Care provision to Players in RFU Community Rugby Clubs”

2. Responsibilities of Club Management

2.1 Complete a risk assessment to determine the appropriate level of first aid provision.

2.2 Arrange appropriate first aid training, ensuring that there is an appropriate ratio of first aiders to players.

2.3 Maintain a register of first aiders and ensure they undertake recertification in accordance with their qualification.

2.4 Ensure all first aiders and those under going first aid training are CRB Enhanced Registered through the RFU.

2.5 Ensure that emergency first aid equipment and first aiders are available at all games and training sessions.

2.6 Ensure that there are procedures for recording and reporting of injuries and incidents.

2.7 Provide each Team Manager or Captain (Seniors) with contact details of next of kin, emergency contact details and information about a player’s relevant medical condition.

2.8 Appoint a First Aid Officer who will assist BIRFC in their responsibilities.

2.9 Issue guidelines for dealing with an incident or accident found on the Club website (Appendix 1).

3. Risk Assessment

3.1 BIRFC will undertake a risk assessment annually to determine:

a. Playing and non-playing risks

b. The Club’s history of injuries and accidents

c. The number of people involved

d. The needs of players at away games

e. The age and distribution of players across the different playing sites

f. The use of shared facilities and first aid resources

3.2 Once the risk assessment is complete, BIRFC will develop procedures to manage the risks identified

3.3 Team first aiders should also carry out a their own risk assessment of the field of play before the start of every game or training to identify risks and hazards on the pitch. Any identified risks should be managed appropriately.

4. First Aid Principles

4.1 The aims and priorities of first aid are to:
  • Preserve life
  • Prevent the situation from worsening
  • Promote recovery

4.2 It is recommended that all treatment procedures are explained fully to the injured person and verbal consent is given before they are carried out.

4.3 Team managers will hold a record of medical conditions of players and this should be communicated to the first aider on site as appropriate. Medical confidentiality is to be observed.

4.4 It is recommended that if treating an area of the body, which is potentially embarrassing to a young person (i.e. the groin) a suitable adult (ideally a parent) acting as a chaperone should be present.

4.5 First aiders will only take actions appropriate to their scope of training.

4.6 It is acknowledged that for potentially serious injuries the aim of first aid is to keep a player safe until emergency services or appropriate professional attention is available.

4.7 The RFU Compulsory Insurance provides cover for first aiders carrying out their duties for the Club, provided that they have achieved appropriate certification and have acted within the scope of their training.

5. First Aid Equipment

5.1 First aid kits will be provided to every Junior and Senior Team. Each bag will be clearly labeled. An additional bag is stored in the Scout hut at Garratt Green.

5.2 First aid kits are provided for the use of an appropriately trained first aider only and are appropriate to their level of training.

5.3 First aiders are provided with a Hi-viz waistcoat, which they must wear whilst on duty at games and training so that they are clearly visible and identified quickly.

5.4 The contents of the bags will meet the minimum requirements for basic first aid equipment set by the RFU and will be suitable for the number of players.

5.5 BIRFC have a recommended content list for first aid kits, which are found within the first aid bags and on the doors to the first aid stock cupboard.

5.6 The first aider is responsible for checking and re-stocking the first aid kit bags according to the content list above before every match or training session.

5.7 The First Aid Officer is responsible for ensuring there is adequate supply of restock items in the stock cupboard

5.8 First Aiders are responsible for ensuring that items are disposed of, if past their expiry date.

5.9 Every first aid bag will contain details of the pitch’s postcode and ambulance access to the field.

6. Record Keeping and Reporting of Serious Injuries

6.1 First aiders must complete a record of each accident / incident which they attend to on an Accident Report Form. Common sense to prevail! This form can be found on the Club website, within the Accident File located in the first aid stock cupboard and within the First Aid Bags. A completed copy of this form should be put in the Accident File within 7 days of the accident / incident. A copy should also be held with the team manager.

6.2 The First Aid Officer is responsible for maintaining this file, ensuring that there are spare forms and monitoring the number and nature of accidents during the season. This information will be used for reference in future risk assessments.

6.3 If a serious injury results in death or admission to hospital (excluding an A & E visit), the first aider must inform the First Aid Officer and provide details of the accident. The First Aid Officer must report the accident to the RFU Sports Injury Administrator using the Reportable Injury Event form (Appendix 2) within 48 hours of the accident.

Appendix 1

  • Stay calm but act swiftly and observe the situation. Is there danger of further injuries?
  • Check for their response. Listen to what the injured person is saying.
  • Reassure the injured person.
  • Alert the First Aider who should take appropriate assessment and action for injuries.
  • In the event of an injury requiring specialist treatment, call the emergency services. Give the postcode and details for ambulance access.
    • Garratt Green opposite 131 Burntwood Lane SW17 0AJ
    • Ambulance access for Garratt Green via posted entrance on onto the pitch is required it is through the gate on Aboyne Rd SW17 0AE. The access key is in the First Aid Kit.
    • Clubhouse SW17 0AW ambulance access through car park
    • ATA site ambulance access at gate on Openview SW18 6PF
    • Burntwood School ambulance access off Burntwood Lane SW17
    • 0AQ
    • Trinity Fields ambulance access from Beechcroft Rd SW17 7DF and Trinity Rd SW17 7HP
    • Common Ground, off Dorlcote Rd, SW18 3RT
    • Nightingale school SW17 7DF
    • Fishponds Playing Fields, off Hebdon Rd SW17 9NW
  • Deal with the rest of the group and ensure that they are adequately supervised
  • Do not move someone with major injuries. Wait for the emergency medics.
  • Keep the injured person warm.
  • Collect together the injured person’s belonging.
  • Help to identify injured person’s parent/guardian/next of kin.
  • The aims and priorities of first aid are to:
    • Preserve life
    • Prevent the situation from worsening
    • Promote recovery


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