The Club - Policies


  1. Senior Section

1.1. The Senior Section has a bank account in the name of Battersea Ironsides RFC Limited; the Treasurer and Chairman are signatories on the account, and either one of them is able to sign cheques and other payment instructions.

1.2. The Treasurer drafts a budget at the beginning of each season, covering all ‘standard’ items of recurring income and expenditure for the next 12 months.

1.3. The budget is reviewed and approved by the Senior Committee at their first Committee meeting of the season, after incorporating any specific amendments or adjustments that the Committee may approve.

1.4. The Treasurer receives invoices directly from suppliers for most ‘on-going’ expenses, including regular payments in respect of pitch hire; match day meals; laundry and contributions to BISC.

1.5. No additional approvals are needed to pay on-going expenses which are contained within the budget and do not exceed planned levels; the Treasurer will pay the relevant suppliers by direct bank transfer where possible or otherwise will issue a cheque.

1.6. Captains may reimburse referees’ expenses on match days (up to the maximum of £30 stipulated by the RFU); the Treasurer will reimburse these expenses on receipt of the referee’s expense card.

1.7. All other one-off items of expenditure must be approved in advance where possible by the Committee; in exceptional circumstances, the Treasurer & Chairman may approve new commitments pending subsequent Committee ratification.

1.8. All expenses must be supported by receipts / invoices; the Treasurer will pay suppliers of one-off items, including for example match shirts, other kit, and equipment, on receipt of the invoices, provided that the totals do not exceed the authorised amounts.

1.9. Payment schedules may require that expenditure for tours/social events is incurred prior to the receipt of associated income, but all events are subject to strictly pre-approved budgets, and organisers must produce receipts to account for all costs, which are closely monitored.

1.10. The Treasurer accounts to the Committee for all expenses on a monthly basis, and presents an updated cash flow forecast for the remainder of the season, which the Committee then has the opportunity to scrutinise.

2. Juniors Section

2.1. The Junior Section has a bank account is in the name of "Battersea Ironsides Minis RFC". The Treasurer, Minis Chairman and President are signatories on the account, and cheques required two signatures.

2.2. The club is insured by the RFU. For further information see

2.3. Expenditure on standard items such as pitch fees, festivals, equipment and playing kit are pre-authorised and delegated to an appointed official (budget holder) for a period, or on an on-going basis.

2.4. Budget holders will operate within the constraints agreed from time to time by the committee.

2.5. The budget holder should submit a budget for projected income & expenditure for the upcoming season to the Section Committee (by the date specified by the Section Secretary).

2.6. Budget will detail the areas of income & expenditure they are responsible for and the amounts expected in each area over time.

2.7. Budget periods are: pre season (FY start- Sep), pre-xmas (Sep-Dec), post xmas (Jan-Apr), post season (May-end of FY).

2.8. The budget holder will account to the treasurer for such expenditure, against his budget, on a periodic basis (as above) or as required by the treasurer.

2.9. Where a budget holder proposes expenditure that exceeds budget, the budget must be resubmitted to the Section Committee for consideration, showing income & expenditure to date and proposed/projected income & expenditure for the season.

2.10. The treasurer is responsible for raising cheques (and/or delegating the same).

2.11. Currently the budget holders for such standard budgetary items are:
  • Kit & Club Shop - Kit Officer
  • Playing Equipment (incl. First Aid) - CCC
  • Facilities Fees - BISC Section Reps
  • Pitch Fees - Pitch Liaison Officer (currently Richard)
  • Festival Fees - Section Fixtures Sec
  • Fun Day & other social events - Section Chairman
  • Volunteer Training - Coach & Volunteer Development Office
  • Membership - Section Membership Sec
  • Hardship Fund - Section Mem. Sec
  • Web site (incl. shop & paypal)- David GH (until web commerce manager appointed)
  • Harlequins - Quins Liaison (with Fixtures Sec as appropriate)
  • Working Groups - as from time to time appointed shall run budgets in line with Committee decisions, but generally adhering to this policy
  • All year group /team expenditure including tour budget control, post-match refreshments, referring fees, end of season awards - Section Chairman

2.12. It is not anticipated that year groups and teams shall have their own budget, but rather that the budget holder shall be the Section Chairman for all those within his section.

2.13. Team Managers may reimburse referees’ expenses on match days (up to the maximum of £30 stipulated by the RFU); the Treasurer will reimburse these expenses on receipt of the referee’s expense card.

2.14. Expenditure at the bar must be accounted for. Team Managers may place orders at the Clubhouse for hotdogs or burgers, when hosting a home match for the away and home teams. Committee Officers can authorise further spending on hot meals/ drinks and refreshments for meetings of official committee business and when hosting events.

2.15. All un-budgeted expenditure up to £150 shall be authorised by a Section Officer of the Club (this may be the spending officer), up to £500 shall be authorised by two officers of the Club (not involved in the expenditure), expenditure over £500 shall be formally authorised by a resolution of the Section Committee (Officers) (where the matter is urgent this may be achieved by a Circular email resolution (ask the Juniors Sec.), and such resolution shall be noted at the next Committee meeting in the minutes.

2.16. Incidental expenses should also be forwarded to an appropriate section officer for consideration. Please do not commit the club to expense without pre-authorisation except where it is unavoidable.

2.17. An authorised expense claim should be forwarded (preferably by email with an image of the receipt) to the officer/s who approved it, and a cheque will be raised by the he will approve the Treasurer.

2.18. Team managers needing to run an account for an event or an ongoing year group fund require approval from the section chairman and are encouraged to do it through the club bank account. Detailed accounts of activity and transactions should be submitted to the Treasurer.

2.19. The practice of handling club money through personal bank accounts is discouraged and where it proves necessary should be pre-approved by the Section Chairman and Treasurer.

2.20. Where an event is expected to break even (or make a profit) as is normally the case, approval is still required for any budget to be spent before balancing income is banked. Where income is generated prior to expenditure, approval is only required should a resultant net loss be anticipated or the overall budget is over £1,000. This principle is important throughout and should particularly be applied to tours. If flights or deposits are pre-funded, the Treasurer and Section Chairman must have a budget for the tour. Any unfunded tour expenditure (e.g. travel deposit or tour kit purchase) must be pre-approved through the Section Chair. Such monies can now be collected instantly via Paypal and therefore such pre-expenditure is not normally anticipated.

2.21. For information on tour finances please go to the Tours page

2.22. All expenses must be supported by receipts / invoices.

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