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The Clubhouse's DIY SOS Success!

Whilst the on-field action finally came to an end, the off-field work continued with the first Ironsides Maintenance weekend for some time. The aim was to redecorate the outside and main area inside the clubhouse, with a call to arms from all sections to come and help.

Staring on a glorious Friday evening, we saw 30 volunteers from all walks of the club coming along, doing the dirty work of setting up for the weekend, stripping back the grime and getting the first coats of paint to the outside walls.

Progress continued unabated on Saturday, with the exterior progressing fast and the first attacks on the interior kicking off. As the food and beer flowed into the late afternoon, productivity might have taken a turn for the worse but the progress was striking, especially given the range of abilities and preparation for painting (here’s looking at you, Joel Baseley!).  
Sunday was an understandably-slower start for all, but the Ironsides Ladies swooped in to rally the troops and help take the clubhouse to the hoped-for finishline, picking off the last of the exterior work as if they were down on DSP. What a difference a weekend makes!

All in all, a highly successful weekend for the club, and a  huge 2,3 to all those that were able to turn up and pitch in. A special thanks to Andy Hawkes, Richard Cotgrove, Michael Leech, Alan Snow and the U15’s (last years) Mums & Dads who all put in a massive shift
Hope you all agree it looks a lot better, and we look forward to seeing more of you in September when we plan on picking up where we left off! 2,3!

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