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3Pillars Project has launched a crowdfunding campaign. If you have the time, they are looking for support from Ironsides members to spread awareness of it, and, if you are able, to support them financially. 

3 Pillars Project is one of Ironsides Partner charities - founded by Ironsides Coach and Committee Member Mike Crofts - which runs sport-based mentoring programmes for young people, vulnerable to crime – working across London and the South East in prisons and young offenders’ institutes (YOIs) and in the community in partnership with Pupil Referral Units and Youth Offending Teams.
This campaign is an important opportunity for 3Pillars to raise not only much needed funds, but to tell people about why the programmes are crucial and so needed post pandemic. So many of the young people the charity supports now face the hardest job market in decades and high levels of uncertainty in every area of their lives. 3Pillars' post release and community support programme is in high demand. 

Charities across the country have had their income hit hard by the pandemic. Every year 3Pillars runs fundraisers with all of our supporters. Unfortunately this year they have had to postpone several key annual fundraising events that had been planned for the Summer and Autumn. Much of the charity's annual income, normally generated through these events has not come in. This means that their programme that supports young prison leavers and young vulnerable people in the community is at risk. This crowdfunding campaign is about giving young people, who already faced huge disadvantages and steep challenges, the opportunity to learn, train and overcome their pasts.  
3Pillars is looking to raise £20,000 to:
- Pay for the rent on sports facilities.
- Enable them to employ extra mentors to meet the increased demand from the young people.
- Enable them to expand the number of sessions they run, supporting more people in the Lambeth community. 
- Make funding available for when they do go back into prisons to run the Rugby Academy.

You can find out more on our crowdfunding page.
If you have any questions you can contact Mike Crofts via Below is a short intro to 3Pillars work, explaining how the programmes work and more about the young people they support.  

About 3Pillars Project
3Pillars Project is a unique sports community of positive role models that mentors young people who need the support, whether when they are leaving prison, or those who could be vulnerable to crime in local communities. 

We run a community gym several times a week- providing free HIIT, strength and boxing sessions at our site, The Black Prince Trust, a central hub in the Lambeth community. 

Alongside our sports sessions, each prison leaver gets one to one mentoring, to help them overcome the challenges of being in the community, create new goals and undertake training and qualifications that help them to secure a great job. We call them apprentices.

It’s our apprentices that make our fitness community so special. 

They assist and support the coaching of all of the free community sessions, engaging young people who might be facing similar challenges to them. Their lived experience helps other young people to pursue a positive future and overcome potentially life changing challenges. 3Pillars is about building a safe, consistent community of positive role models through sport.  You can find out more about how our programmes work here.


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