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We are delighted to welcome all Junior Rugby Age Groups back to rugby from Sunday 13 Sept. We will be training at Level C (Non-Contact) on the RFU's Return to Rugby roadmap.

- For information on the roadmap - Levels A to F - and what is meant by Level C - click here.

- Summary guidance sheets on Level C for players, coaches and our wider community is shown below.

- The Junior Management Committee (JMC) emails providing guidance to Junior Members on the club's approach is also copied below for reference. 

JMC Email to Junior Members - 4 September 2020:

Dear Ironsiders,

We are delighted to let you know that Ironsides' Juniors Rugby Training is set to return on Sunday 13th September.

Your Committee has worked hard to get each Age Group allocated to a training ground around Wandsworth, and to put protocols in place that comply with the RFU, Wandsworth Council and the latest Government guidelines to keep our players and parents safe.
With all this in mind we need to share the steps that have put in place to ensure we can all Return to Rugby.
So please forgive the lengthy email - it contains important information!
Firstly, please only sign up for and turn up to training if you are feeling healthy, fit & well – that applies equally to players, coaches, managers, 1st aid volunteers & parents/guardians.    
ALL players must be signed up in advance of a training session: this is to enable full Track & Trace, and to ensure we comply with our restrictions. Anyone turning up without being registered will unfortunately not be able to play.
All players should turn up ready to play (with their own water bottle) and sign in upon arrival, have their temperature checked, hand-sanitise & then go to their cone-coloured training pod/ designated pitch space .
If players show a temperature of over 38*, you will not be able to train.
No bibs will be used, and we are only able to play READY 4 RUGBY (touch) rugby - NO tags and NO contact.
We also require all guardians to check-in via QR codes, which will be on display. This information will stored via our Teamo software, for the government required 21 days.

Each Age Group will be informed by their Age Group Manager &/or appointed Admin Support both the length of their training session and how their training session will run. There will be a 15 minute change-over and equipment cleaning break between each session and you must arrive and leave via the sign-posted area.
Only one parent/ guardian may attend, per child - due to pod-size restrictions.
Therefore no siblings are allowed. All spectators form part of the allowed pod-sizes.
Parents/ Guardians must remain in the designated areas, and enforce their own social-distancing.
On signing up for a session, this will be your declaration of positive assurance of no Covid symptoms, for you or your household.

Our Track and Trace system means that, should you show Covid symptoms in the days following training, you should contact your local NHS Test & Trace centre, who will then contact Ironsides Rugby. We will then be able to provide the details of all members of your training pod.
Your Age Group Manager will be sending out availability emails as usual throughout the week, and undertaking the mammoth task of assigning training times. Please ensure you respond to these emails in the required time scales, to alleviate some of the burden, and of course, secure your place!
Regarding the Clubhouse at Openview: this is closed for the time being.
Any enquiries around this should be addressed direct with Battersea Ironsides Sports Club
Ironsides Rugby is excited to welcome you all back to training, and thanks you for your continued support and understanding during these somewhat trying times!
If you have any queries, please do contact either Youth Chair - Alan, Mini Chair - Dave or Mini Secretary - Zoe, or indeed your usual Age Group Manager & Age Group Head Coach, who have all been fully briefed.
We sincerely hope that many of the protocols in place will be able to be relaxed, as we progress throughout the season, but in the meantime, see you on 13th September!
Ironsides' JMC

JMC Email to Junior Members - 25 September 2020

Dear Ironsiders,

We very much hope you and your families are both safe and well and enjoying the start to Ironsides Junior Rugby Season.

With the recent rise in COVID-19 infection rates and latest government announcements on additional safeguards we are receiving questions from parents on how an instance of COVID-19 within an age group would be treated at Ironsides.

As a result we wanted to write to you to explain what would happen under these circumstances and explain how we can minimise the risk of any players and adults attending training sessions being required to self-isolate unnecessarily. 

The principle on which outdoor sports like Rugby have been allowed to restart play by the Government is that it is considered unlikely that players will come into sufficient contact during 'live' play to pass on the virus. 

We are allowed to train provided both players and adults adhere to the protocols we have put in place, which comply with the RFU, Wandsworth Council and the latest Government guidelines to minimise the risks to players, coaches and parents of catching COVID-19.  This includes a restriction on the maximum number of Ironsiders permitted at a training venue at any one time. 

The protocols cover both when the ball is “live” and when the ball is “not live” in an organised training session.  When the ball is “not live”, the government principles on social distancing must be adhered to by players, coaches, volunteers and spectators.  This includes during arrival to and departure from a training venue and briefings pre, post & during training sessions.  The aim is to keep players 2 metres apart as much as possible and avoid anyone being deemed to be in close contact for the purposes of NHS Test & Trace. Close contact is defined as individuals being within 2 metres of each other for 15 minutes, or more.  

In the event that a player and/or a parent/guardian were to test positive for COVID-19 & we were contacted by the NHS Test & Trace team, one of our appointed Junior Rugby COVID-19 Officers [Zoe (Minis Secretary), Dave (Minis Chair), Alan (Youth Chair)] will compile the appropriate information for track & trace, as directed by the NHS Test & Trace team, for the training date that fell 48 hours before the individual developed symptoms. This may include a parent/guardian being contacted by one of them, if directed by the NHS Test & Trace team to do so.

The affected individual(s) would then not be allowed to join a training session until the expiry of the government advised isolation period. We will also inform all attendees at the training session of the situation, without naming the individual(s), and remind them that if symptoms develop testing and isolation are expected per the government briefed guidelines.

Other than the affected individual, no one else would need to self-isolate unless they were to be contacted by NHS Test & Trace as a result of them having been deemed to have been in close contact.  Again, this should only be the case if they have been within 2 metres of the affected person for 15 minutes or more.

Finally, for the avoidance of doubt if a player has been asked to stay away from school, they may still attend rugby training sessions unless they have been told by the school &/or a government body to self-isolate and provided they and any other members at their residence are COVID-19 symptom free on the day of training.   

In summary, key for ensuring we reduce the risk of infection and are able to support the NHS Test and Trace team is:

1.      Only attend training if you are feeling, fit, healthy & well. You & your household are COVID-19 symptom free and have not been told to quarantine by any government body;

2.      ALL players must sign up in advance of a training session, both to enable full track & trace and ensure we comply with our location total Ironsides restrictions;

3.      ALL adults attending a training session (including coaches, managers & 1st Aid Volunteers) must check-in with our Teamo QR code;

4.      Players adhere to social distancing when the ball is “not live”;

5.     Spectators and adult volunteers not involved in coaching the training session adhere to social distancing at all times, and stay within groups of 6 only. ALSO, only one adult per player may attend training, and no siblings.

We have tried to set this out as clearly as possible but if you have any queries, please feel free to contact either Alan (Youth Chair), Dave (Mini Chair) or Zoe (Mini Secretary).

Ironsides' JMC

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