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This September, 3Pillars are running a personal development challenge to raise awareness of their work and core philosophy. It's all about trying something new, but also giving back to the community and investing in yourself.
All of 3Pillars programmes are underpinned by the philosophy that through improving your own exercise, education and ethos you can positively impact your life. Every apprentice on the 3Pillars post release programme and every participant on our Rugby Academy joins the 3Pillars’ community, our coaches, mentors and mindset seek to establish these 3 pillars as a foundation on which to build progress, set goals and achieve personal growth.
We would love it for Ironsides Members to get involved and support the charities' '3 more for 3Pillars' challenge, either as an individual or to coordinate a group of your friends/colleagues take part.  
Here’s how it works:
- Each day of September, you complete a task or challenge that corresponds to one of the 3 Pillars: education, exercise or ethos;
- You then continue the challenge each day of September (30 days);
- It could be that you choose to complete a crossword with friends (education pillar), run 5km (exercise) or spend 30mins doing a good deed (ethos).

The beauty of the challenge, is that you choose! Progress across each pillars looks different to everyone - and you can start at any time. 3Pillars want to share these journeys with all of their supporters and participants – as inspiration at a time when we all face a significant amount of change to the away we normally do things. So make sure you share your journeys on social media using the hashtag #3MoreFor3Pillars
You can check out a few examples of the 3 different pillars in action at the @3pillarsproject Instagram
To sign up – head over to our website 
If you wanted to set up a £3 direct debit to support 3Pillars, that would be fantastic, or even set up a fundraising page (see:, but mainly this is about you setting a goal that you want to achieve, just like our apprentices do. 
We know the economy is tight right now, so there is no pressure to raise funds but we do want people to enjoy it and feel a sense of self investment and achievement.

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