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Update 09/08/2020

Hello all, 

I’m writing to give you some more details about Elliot Hennell’s funeral, which has been set for Thursday the 13th of August. Due to Covid-19 restrictions there is a great reduction on numbers who can actually attend the funeral itself, and so the family have asked for it to just be family members. Therefore, we will be doing a full memorial and commemoration of Elliot at the club at a later date, to be decided when the Covid-19 regulations have been slackened a little more. 

However, on the day of the funeral there are a few times where people can congregate, with appropriate social distancing, to show support to the family and to honour Elliot’s memory.  

The date is the Thursday 13th of August: 

10:45 – There will be a hearse carriage riding from the Elliot’s parents home (Mansel Court, 170 Battersea Bridge Road, Battersea, SW11 3AJ) to the church for the ceremony. The family would like people to walk in procession behind the carriage, so if you could gather at the address for 10:30 that would be ideal.  

12:30- 1:00pm approx – The hearse will drive by DSP on its way to the crematorium, as it was a place dear to Elliot’s heart. If people could gather at the edge of the park as the hearse drives past, that would also be greatly appreciated.  

Neither of these events is officially a club event, but I hope this gives people the opportunity to say goodbye to a beloved friend, and heartbeat of the club. Please be assured that we will do a more official commemoration at a later date.  

Steph has also said that her family will be doing a wake at the Corner Pin (10 Summerstown, London SW17 0AY) from 2.30pm for those who wish to join her. She also sends her thank you for the continued support to her and their sons.  

If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to get in contact with me.  


Dan Addis 

Senior Chair Ironsides Rugby 


Dear all,

It is with huge sadness that I am bringing you the news that Elliot Hennell has died yesterday of suspected suicide. Elliot has been an exceptional servant of the club over his many years of service, as a stalwart 5th XV captain, a vital cog in the management and organisation of the annual RTR fixture, as well as being an outstanding teammate and friend.

At this time our thoughts are with his family and his children. We have started a collection to raise money for flowers and a contribution to his family to help support them at this time. It is at the Gofundmepage, so please contribute if you can. Also, feel free to contact myself or your captain, if you need someone to talk to, and remember there are support helplines through MIND  and Samaritans , who have 24-hour phone service that you can talk too also.

Elliott was a huge part of our club, and he will be missed greatly. I know that at times like these Ironsiders come together and the Ironsides spirit and solidarity will provide a shoulder or an ear to everyone who needs it. We need talk openly about how we are doing and coping, so please do not hesitate to make contact. I understand that many of you will want to attend the funeral and as soon as I have details about what support the family would like I will let you know. We will be holding a minute silence at the beginning of each training session tonight, at 7:00PM and 7:45PM, so please take a minute at both of those times to remember and honour a great clubman.

R.I.P Elliot. You will be missed.


Dan Addis

Seniors Chair


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Shahid Rafiq
Great Guy, will be missed. RIP Elliot



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