Ironsides Rugby (Battersea Ironsides RFC)
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 11 September 2019
@ The Clubhouse
Please arrive 19:45 for 20:00 start

This year we are voting for all the club positions at the AGM including Senior, Youth & Mini sections.

Nominations are required for the following club positions to be voted at the AGM.

Please send your nominations by 10 August
to with a copy to the nominee.
Please note you are not allowed to nominate yourself or more than one person for the same position.
The list of nominations will be published and circulated with an Agenda approximately two weeks before the AGM.
A list of the current club positions and who holds them is provided below. If you would like more information about what is involved in running the club, or would like to be involved in running this club and unsure which position or the workings of the section management please contact  Richard Cotgrove, Secretary Ironsides Rugby at:
There are three voting groups this year:
1) Section Chairs, Secretaries and Treasurers

Senior section
1. Senior Chair
2. Senior Secretary
3. Senior Treasurer

Youth Section
1. Youth Chair
2. Youth Secretary
3. Youth Treasurer

Mini Section
1. Mini Chair
2. Mini Secretary
3. Mini Treasurer

2) Election of Club officers

1. President
2. Club Chairman*
3. Club Secretary
4. Club Treasurer
* Voting to add Club Chair as a club officer will take place at the AGM
3) Election of Committee members

The President, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer and section chairs are automatically part of the committee. The split on the committee is 4 Seniors, 3 Youth and 3 Mini representatives. Nominations are therefore required for:
- 2 x Seniors committee members
- 1 x Youth committee member
- 1 x Mini committee member
Club Officers
Club President - Richard Smith
Club Chair - Rob Newman
Club Secretary - Richard Cotgrove
Club Treasurer - Justin Blackburn
Senior Section
Senior chair - Colin O’Keeffe
Senior Secretary - Paul Tanner
Senior Treasurer - Tom Pugh – (Senior Treasurer)
Youth section
Youth Chairman - Alan Wilkins
Youth Secretary - Rachel Denning (replaced Richard Cotgrove)
Youth & Mini Treasurer - Justin Blackburn
Mini Section
Mini Chairman - Dave Watson
Mini Secretary - Zoe Goodwin (replaced Rachel Denning))
Committee members elected & co-opted
Shahid Rafiq
Matthew Eltringham (resigned)
David Gardiner–Hill - Property
Mike Croft
Antony Legge




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