Shawnton de Four RIP
Some of you may be aware, others may not…Of the recent, sudden and tragic death of an Old Emanuel senior player - Shawton de Four.
Whilst playing in a rugby match on Saturday 4th March, he collapsed...Despite huge efforts from all medical staff…Died later that day in St Georges…Leaving behind, a wife and two young twins.

During the last week or so since his death, there has been a huge show of love and support on every level, from the entire rugby community. Money is being raised via this link
Please contribute if you can…Do it now!

Last Friday afternoon…An urgent message was sent out across social media from OE’s…Could anyone put a team together to play a Memorial Game for Shawnton vs an Old Emanuels XV at 13.00 Saturday?
Ironsides were able to assist through some huge focus, rapid communication and a great collective effort, lead by Paul Howie Roberts.
Finally by Saturday morning we had a scratch side of 3’s, 4’s, 5’s & even Vets!

What a glorious afternoon, perfect rugby conditions, to be able to celebrate such a short life…But also to show support for his grieving family.
The game was played in the spirit that you would expect…Yes there were some big hits and of course some points scored! The outcome irrelevant, except for this…
…There was respect, warmth, happiness, mixed with sadness – But it happened, our rugby family pulled together when it mattered most.

That’s why we play the game!
R.I.P. Shawnton - 2,3!



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