Royal bravery award for IRONSIDER, MIKE CROFTS who risked his life in the Westminster Bridge
terrorist attack.
 Mike Crofts, a former Tankie, senior player at Ironsides and now part of the Ironsides Colts set up, recognised for his bravery.
Mike Crofts with Tony Davis at The Royal Humane Society Awards

London, 20 November 2018
- Mike Crofts, founder of London charity, 3 Pillars project, has been awarded the Royal Humane Society’s Bronze Medal for his heroic actions during the tragic events of March 22, 2017.
Ex-army officer Mike Crofts, runs 3 Pillars Project, a criminal justice charity working with young offenders in London and the South East. The charity provides mentoring and prison based-rehabilitation programmes through sport for young men aged between 15 -25.
Mike was awarded the Medal along with his former army colleague Staff Sergeant Tony Davis.
The Bronze Medal, which was introduced in 1837, is prestigious award, presented to those people who have put their own lives at great risk to save or attempt to save someone else. The Royal Humane Society awards medals, testimonials and certificates for acts of bravery in the saving of human life and for effecting successful resuscitations.

Mike, a former Captain in the Royal Tank Regiment, and SSgt. Davis witnessed the terrorist, Khalid Masood enter New Palace Yard in the Palace of Westminster and the assault on PC Keith Palmer, who lost his life in the attack. The pair were the first on the scene and ran to the policeman’s aid. Mike and Tony led initial first aid to resuscitate him and Mike called for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services [HEMS] before being joined by Tobias Elwood MP and other police officers. When the HEMS surgeon arrived, Mike remained with PC Palmer as he was operated on.

Captain Crofts (Top Centre) at Castlemartin Ranges

Mike, who founded criminal justice charity 3 Pillars Project after leaving the army, was presented with his Medal at a private ceremony by the High Sheriff of London, attended by the Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in charge of Counter Terrorism, Neil Basu.  
Mike commented:
“Tony and myself are incredibly humbled to be honoured in this way, I would like to dedicate this award to the great sacrifice and tremendous bravery of Keith Palmer on that fateful day. The Police do an amazing job in confronting Radicalisation in Britain, but we all have a role in supporting them to improve community integration.”

Mike was highly commended by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick in a private ceremony last year. His actions were also recognised by Prime Minster Theresa May in her address to the Sandhurst Sovereign Parade in April 2017.
Mike and Tony were in Parliament on the day of the attack attending a reception for the British Boxing Team. SSgt Davis was Mr Crofts’ physical training instructor during his time at RMA Sandhurst.

Mike, delivering the 3 Pillars project in collaboration with Ironsides Rugby at Wormwood Scrubs
& Wandsworth Prisons

About 3 Pillars Project
3 Pillars Project runs rehabilitation programmes for young men and boys in prisons across London and the South East.  It uses rugby as a gateway to engage young people, deliver mentoring and provide positive role models, in order to reduce re-offending.
Their approach uses a trauma-informed approach and focus on the three pillars of exercise, education and ethos as a foundation for rehabilitation. The charity offers long-term support to participants, enabling individuals to make a positive contribution to society in the future, regardless of their past.




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